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Christian Music That Fills You With More Than Just Old Time Rock n' Roll

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by Chris Maley

Some of the earliest Christian music was about the new testament and most were simple hymns. Some of these Christian musical hymns can still be heard today, including "Awake, awake O sleeper" on the occasion of someone's baptism.

Jesus and his disciples very likely would have sung psalms from their time which by the very nature makes them Christian music. Early Christians continued to sing the psalms much as they were sung then. The gospels of Matthew (26:30) and Mark (14:26) state that Jesus sang a hymn with his disciples immediately before his betrayal. The apostle Paul in the book of Ephesians (5:19) exhorted the church at Ephesus to speak to each other "in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord".

Recent Christian Music

The most recent common form of Christian music is contemporary Christian music. This draws some of its influence from secular music of the last century and is the most popular kind of Christian music in the Western world today. Although there are many Christian music artists in the mainstream music industry, the term contemporary Christian music usually refers specifically to artists within the Christian music industry that are played on Christian music radio. Christian Music Touches You Where You Are. But through it all, Christian music, with or without lyrics, has been used by Christian music singers and musicians to honor God, inspire his people, challenge the wayward and brighten a stormy day for thousands of years.

Most of us especially within the past several years have read about the politically correct rantings of secularists that want to do away with anything dealing with Christianity and also as it applies to Christian music. There are many people who are against all forms of contemporary Christian music and Christian Rock. They have tried to judge its source and determine it is just another form of rock n roll. That there is no Christian message to it that matters spiritually so it should just be grouped into the rock n roll or contemporary music categories.

So the question has been asked is there ministry to Christian music? Does the message within this Christian music mean anything more than any other average rock song or contemporary listening music today? The current Christian music business has the obligation to prove that giving Christian music the title of ministry is deserved.

One Christian music artist that is doing just that is Tim Kaufman. He brings praise to the Lord in his songs. He rejoices to the fact that his Christian music has helped minister to listeners that were unaware that it would bring the Lord into their life, sometimes at unknown and unsuspecting times that has caused joyous victory for The Lord.

One such time that drives Tim's direction for his ministry comes from letters like this one were his Christian music has touched lives:

"Tim...My wife and I drove our van out to the woods and were planning our suicide. We noticed one of your tapes on the floor, put it in and began to weep as the Lord brought a renewed hope to our hurting hearts. We thank you and our kids thank you. Keep the Christian music coming." J. & K. D., Florida

When you hear the victories for The Lord like that being sent into Tim Kaufman Ministries it sure tells you everything you need to know about whether there is ministry in his Christian music. Letters like these also tell you that true Christian music fills you with more than just old time rock n' roll. You can receive a free weekly devotional from Tim Kaufman Ministries and also listen to free samples of his Christian music.

This article is sponsored by Tim Kaufman Ministries. Tim Kaufman Ministries is a source for online Christian music, spiritual guidance and Christian ministry charities. For questions regarding any of his Christian music products or his ministry, please contact him at Tim Kaufman Ministries .

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About the Author

Chris Maley is in charge of marketing and development for CenterCube, Inc. and is a practicing Christian that listens to Christian music to further instill The Lord's thoughts and praise in his life.

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