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Recording artist abandons promising career to follow Christ

Music Articles » Music Styles » Christian

by soal

Seattle-- Singer/songwriter and wilderness bad boy Phil Fischer has walked away from his first album, which is about to go Gold to record Christian music.

Seattle hippie/wilderness guru, and songwriter Phil Fischer, best known for his hard hitting, Janice Joplin style concert performances in the Northwest during the late 90's and the early part of the decade, and a Bear attack that almost took his life in the Yukon finally got what he wanted; A hit album.

Problem is; he has walked away from it. For God.

Unable to get distribution or radio play in the states for his first album "Wounded Soul" , Fischer signed a deal with Papa Lopez Records, Inc. in Santiago Chile in December of 2003. During 2004 Fischer sold almost 387,900.00 copies of "Wounded Soul" in South America and sold an additional 122,000 cd's from his website www.philfischer.com.

Turns out Papa Lopez was not the good honest and wholesome record label like we have here in the states. Fischer received one check for $80,000.00 and the rest is history. Not only did Fischer lose 2.9 million owed to him by the label, but so did a slew of other artists and the lawsuits flew around Santiago but none has stuck.

Fischer filed suit against Lopez but in the end Lopez fled Chile, and has not been heard or scene since. Given the jungle atmosphere, and the lack of cooperation by South American officials, it is doubtful justice will ever be served to Lopez, and the other artists he signed and turned into South American Rock Stars.

With sale numbers soon to break Gold, Fischer was bombarded in 2005 with label offers from labels in Buenos Aires and as far away as Japan but the rocker failed to take any of the offers up. Who can blame him? After obtaining the sacred Gold and getting the shaft who knows what state of mind he was in.

The album that he tracked and recorded under the direction of Grammy Nominee Paul Speer will probably never see store shelved here in the states, and that's a pity.

Fischer was quoted by Northwest Musician a week ago on the subject and when asked what he is going to do now the rocker replied "Well, what can you do. You put your heart and soul into an album and pray that it sells and then discover it sold big time but you never get paid. How would you feel? Right now I am just going to concentrate on my Christian album. Maybe this was a message from the man above to use my talents elsewhere".

Who can blame Fischer for embracing Christ? With tragedy like that anyone would start attending church.

"Wounded Soul" featuring the Smash singles: "Cobblestone Streets", "Windey Road", and "Fool for Love". Produced by Grammy Nominated Producer Paul Speer, "Wounded Soul" is a set ofp pop/rock ballads that are accentuated by bursts of instrumental virtuosity and tight, catchy songwriting. It's a must hear and his songwriting style reminds you of early Bruce and an older Seal.

Fischer is currently tracking his Christian work at Robert Lang Studios where Dave Mathews also records.

When asked if he expected to receive the same treatment in the Christian arena Fischer had this to say; "Well, I hope not! I just hope and pray I am accepted. I'm trying to do something that has never been done before in the Christian market. I am going backwards. Most Christian artists make it and then hop over to the secular market. I am releasing an album in the Christian market. We will see what happens. It's my best work, and God gave me each one of the eleven songs."

Fischer's dim hopes and fears about the Christian market may be real.

While Fischer is well known for his in your face rock shows, that kind of showmanship don't play well for the conservative Christian crew.

Even with his 8 top ten hits he co-wrote, slews of awards, and just flat out talent, word has it in the Christian world that Fischer cannot even lead Worship at his own Church. Apparently that's not a good sign in the Christian world.

What is probably working against him is his 29 arrests on record for everything from bar fights and public drunkenness too driving his Hummer over three Honda Motorcycles parked in front of the Central Tavern in Pike Street in the summer of 2000(the old area of Seattle) just because they were parked next to Harley Davidson's.

Bouncer Adam Jenkins told police "Phil asked them to move the bikes because in Phil's opinion they were not worthy to be parked next to a Harley. When they failed to move them, Phil hoped in his H1 and drove over all three of the bikes crushing them into the pavement! It was crazy; everyone was just standing there with mouths open. As a bouncer, I've seen a lot of things in my time, but that was a one of a kind thing. He likes Harleys, and he is always welcome here for a drink any time he wants!"

That kind of track record does not fly with the Jesus types, and it will be interesting to see just if his Christian album fares as well as his first. Word is from my Christian contacts is that he cannot even get a venue because the Jesus types are afraid of him. Its probably talent shock, but paddling uphill seems to be something Fischer has to live with, and something that he seems to be good at.

"Wounded Soul", Fischer's first and only world album may never see the light of day on store shelves here in the states, but there just may be hope for his Christian album. As of this writing his website is receiving 20,000 hits a week and counting; not to mention a growing underground of Christians emailing Fischer anticipating his album.

"New Believer", Fischer's first Christian album is expected Christmas of 2006.

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