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Music Style Articles - Country

Music Articles » Music Styles » Country

Country Music
In popular music, country music, also called country and western music or country-western, is an amalgam of popular musical forms developed in the Southern United States, with roots in traditional folk music, Celtic music, blues, gospel music, and old-time music that began to develop rapidly in the 1920s...
Country Music Is No Mere Genre
by Ben Franklin
Country Music originated in early 20th century among the whites in Rural areas of West and South. The roots of this music lie in Ballads, English songs and Folk Songs...
Do you know your Country? Origin of Country Music Quiz
by Robert Harper
Here's a nice quiz on the Origin of Country Music. The answers are on the bottom of the page...
The Various Countries - A Rant About Country Music
by Sarah Francis
It is no secret that over the past couple decades country music has struggled with it's identity far more than any other genre in the industry...
New Country Music Lyrics
by Denny Venditto
Finding lyrics to country music is a popular search item for country fans. Many people are looking for the lyrics of their favorite new country songs...