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Band Promotion - Book Your Garage Band Some Shows or Gigs
by Dennis Damp Jr
So you have you press kit and demo CD and want to know what to do next. Why not try an open mic night at a local club...
Is Your Band Ready For CD Duplication Or CD Replication?
by Blake Stoffregen
It’s a typical situation. You’ve been putting a lot of energy in your craft and people are starting to talk about your band. You’ve played a few shows and everyone is asking for a CD...
Musicians: How To Find Band Members
by Kenny Auyoung
Looking for band members is never an easy task. You may first want to ask yourself what exactly you’re looking for – whether it is to join an existing band or find individual members to start your own band...
Soundproofing a Garage or Basement for a Rock 'n' Roll band
by Dr. Bob Orther
This is by far the most asked question at Soundproofing America Inc. How do I soundproof my garage, basement, or a bedroom in my single family house or condo...
Does Your Band Need a Promotion Package?
by David Stanowski
Does your band need a Promotion Package/Press Kit?...
Effective Rehearsal In A Rock Band
by Tony Williams
If your band is in rehearsals, either preparing for gigging, or practising new songs to add to your repertoire, the chances are you will have to hire a rehearsal room...
Jam Band Writing Journals - Track Your Shows
by Rick Chapo
Following jam bands is a blast because of the music, places you see and cool people you meet. Jam band journals are great ways to keep track of your shows...
Joining a School Band
by Jean Feingold
From selecting the right instrument to learning to read music, being in band can enhance a student's education...