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Music Style Articles - Christian

Music Articles » Music Styles » Christian

Four Major Steps Toward Building an Awesome Music Ministry
by John Pape, Jr.
Four Major Steps Toward Building an Awesome Music Ministry is perhaps the most important aspect of a building. As a Christian you must stand on a good foundation. You need a ...
Christian Guitar Resources Launches Social Network
by Anonymous
Christian Guitar Resources, one of the largest Christian music websites on the Internet with over 110,000 members has just launched PeopleFisher.com , a social networking service aimed at Christians...
Christian Music Artists for Inspiration
by Doug G
There are many types of music that people enjoy listening to, for inspiration or simply for their own listening pleasure, but few musical genres espouse positive messages as much as Christian Music and the artists that create it...
Christian Music That Fills You With More Than Just Old Time Rock n' Roll
by Chris Maley
Some of the earliest Christian music was about the new testament and most were simple hymns. Some of these Christian musical hymns can still be heard today...
Download Christian Music
by Elizabeth Morgan
If you want to enrich your Christian music collection, you can download Christian music...
Music for the Christmas Holidays
by Tony Wiseman
In our multi-cultural societies today the run up to Christmas is experienced in many different ways. The commercial version pioneered by Coca Cola's magazine advertisements which established the red...
The Twelve Songs of Christmas: Surprising Secrets of the Season's Most Popular Tunes
by Scott G (The G-Man)
The holidays are filled with joyful emotions and honored traditions, including the playing of songs about snowmen, St. Nick, evergreen trees, and presents wrapped up with big pretty bows. No matter ...
Recording artist abandons promising career to follow Christ
by soal
Seattle-- Singer/songwriter and wilderness bad boy Phil Fischer has walked away from his first album, which is about to go Gold to record Christian music...
What is a church musician
by K Quinn
What is a church musician? After being in this position for several years I have come to my own conclusions...
Christian Country Music
Christian Country music is a format of gospel music, first developed in the 1980s, during the surge in popularity of country music on mainstream radio...
Christian Music
Christian music is music created by or adapted for the Christian church. It also includes Contemporary Christian music, in which the music explores Christian themes...