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Creating The Perfect Structure For Your Song
by Ian Waugh
You know what they say about rules? Actually they say lots of things about rules but here's two - rules were made to be broken...
Formation of a Song
by Ben Blakesley
As industry insiders, we sometimes forget that when discussing the recording process, the rest of the world really has no idea what we are talking about...
Inspired Songwriting
by Yuri Ivanov
Here are some exact examples of what you can do to set a song together...
Seven Basic Songwriting Errors
by Gary Ewer
So are there only seven possible errors? In my experience as a teacher, the seven errors listed below represent the most common errors committed by students of songwriting...
The Songwriting Habits
by Mahmoud Ibrahim
Some songwriters just wait for inspiration, those are not likely to succeed. Inspiration comes as a result of work...
So, You Want To Collaborate? The Key to Success For Songwriters
by Alex Forbes
Collaborating is one of the most rewarding and productive activities a songwriter can engage in. It's also one of the most challenging...
Songwriting - The Art of Writing a Good Song
by Kathy Unruh
Did you know that good songwriting is often the key to establishing a successful music career? But more than that, it can be fun!...
Write Songs the Music Industry Wants to Hear!
by Alex Forbes
Sure, "art for art's sake" is cool... but what if you're pursuing a career as a songwriter?...