Guitar Technique Definitions

On the same string, have the 1st finger on the lower note, then pick the string.
Next tap down (hammer on) the next note with another finger. Don’t pick again.

Place 2 fingers on two notes (one or more frets apart) to be played on the same string.
Pick the string and release (pull-off) the finger of the higher note while keeping the
lower note fretted. Don’t pick again.

Tap down on the fretted string with index or middle finger of pick hand. This is usually
followed by a pull-off to sound the lower note.

A chord picked note by note in a rhythmic fashion.

Have finger or fingers on a string or strings on a specified fret. Pick the string or
strings and slide up or down the guitar neck to a greater or lesser fret.

Pick a string or strings and bend string or strings so that the tone is increased one or two frets,
or bend the strings first, and then pick and straighten the string or strings to normal tone.

Natural Harmonic
A fret finger lightly touches the string over the fret, and then string is picked.
A chime like sound is produced.

Palm Mute
Note is partially muted by the palm hand by lightly touching the string or strings
just before the bridge.

Muffled Strings
A percussive sound is created by laying the fret hand across the strings without
depressing them to the fretboard, and then striking the strings with the pick hand.

Tremolo Picking
The string is picked up and down as fast as possible.

Pick the string as the fret finger or a tremolo bar rapidly rolls back and forth
or bends up and down, making the note sound slightly higher and lower.

A small pattern or tune that consists of a series of notes.
It can be used as the base for various improvisations.